Real Estate Search comes to Google Glass


Well that didn’t take long!  Online real estate powerhouse Trulia is already hard at work to be the first real estate app for Google Glass.  Give you the option to view home details, map out their location, and even read back property descriptions.  Check out this video chief engineer Jeff  McConathy made to show off some of the early features they have already created.

If you were shopping for a home would you want this in your face or is the mobile phone still the best way to search?

One Response to Real Estate Search comes to Google Glass

  1. Is that really the voice? Why wouldn’t it kick over to the MLS listing and play the video. Trulia really missed the ball on this one. Horrible integration on a technology that is at least 12 months out to be viable. Sometimes first to market is a bad mistake. Let’s see how or any of the others do now that this blunder has hit the street. Is that actor you? It is bad.

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